"[Jessica Siqueiros'] lively choices in production design, comedic tone, and lyrical soundtrack function to repel the stereotypical dreary-look of movies about Latinos facing hardships. By placing Chicano characters in highly aesthetic spaces with vibrant colors, she is reclaiming a vision of storytelling often only associated with white creators like Wes Anderson." - Carlos Aguilar, Remezcla

Jessica is an award-winning Mexican-American Actor & Writer/Director on a mission to normalize complex & authentic narratives about the Southwest Mexican-American community through film.  Her filmmaking style is highly cinematic and composed. Both comedic and heart-wrenching, Jessica pulls from political and societal structures to create commentaries around the need for social change.

Her most recent short film Pozole has been accepted at Major U.S. Festivals, including the 2019 Seattle Int’l Film Festival. The film took home the Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short Film (Comedy) at Cinequest 2019, qualifying for the 2020 Academy Awards. Her first feature film Reforma delves into the colorful, complicated world of a young Latina woman in La Reforma (the Tucson, AZ projects) in the 1960-70's, and is currently in development.

Jessica also has a thriving acting career. Her acting work has been featured/shown in some of the top publications and film festivals in the country, including RiverRun, Athens Int’l Film + Video Festival, Indie Memphis, Tacoma, Bushwick and to sold out houses as part of the Girl's Shorts block at Outfest 2018.

She is an Alumni of LAByrinth Theatre Company’s Ensemble Workshop, and a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, The Alliance of Women Directors, Women in Film, and the Chicana Directors Initiative. She is also a participant in Women in Film’s inaugural INSIGHT program seeking to support women of color in Hollywood.